Physical Security Consultancy

VALE is the clients’ professional sparring partner in relation to physical security consultancy ranging from formulation of initial ideas and needs to an operational optimized and successful completion of a security project.


We provide consultancy services within protective engineering to private and public clients, both in terms of new security construction projects and/or renovation/retrofit projects of homes and businesses – in all phases of a project.
As an advisor within protective engineering, we combine many disciplines within the consultancy business and we have access to a wide network of specialists worldwide. We provide the latest knowledge within physical security to our clients.
Throughout the process, we create oversight and continuity by providing a well-documented basis for decisions.
  • Security assessment, analysis and evaluation of facilities 

  • Explosive Consequence Analyses 

  • Structural Vulnerability Assessment 

  • Recommendations to security mitigation, upgrades and solutions 

  • Implementation of security measures


Physical Security


Project Mannagement

VALE is the clients’ professional project manager in relation to physical security projects. We adapt to the project size and type, and assume the “role” needed, whether it as co-advisor or as project manager from initiation to handover. We ensure in cooperation with the client that the project is performed in the quality agreed, on time and that the economy is kept.
We illustrate and analyze all options, thus giving the client the opportunity to make the right decisions in time.
  • Project Planning 

  • Technical due Diligence 

  • Tender Management 

  • Budget and Financial Management 

  • Site Supervision 

  • Quality control/management 


Project Mannagement