About us

The Name

The inspiration for the name VALE are drawn from Nordic mythology, where Vale is the name of the god who is the son of Odin and Rind, and the god being referred to in regards of the survival of Armageddon (or Ragnarok).

The company

We are specialists in assessing physical security risks to buildings and tailoring effective risk management strategies to eliminate or reduce them.

In the event that your building or a neighbour becomes the target of an attack or break-in, our goal is to minimise the consequences – protecting your premises and the people inside it.

When you choose Vale, you benefit from a unique combination of theoretical and practical expertise. We are not only competent in all aspects of protective engineering. We also have hands-on experience from some of the world’s hotspots, where security is priority number one.

Talk to us about maximising the security of embassies and government buildings, financial institutions, airports, office blocks, private residences and other sensitive buildings.

Our Expertise

  • Hostile Vehicle Mitigation
    Implement obstacles to decrease threats from vehicles, i.e. barriers, walls and chicanes etc.

  • Perimeter and Access Control
    Creating outer boundary to protect and control the access between public and private areas, to decrease unauthorized access, i.e. walls/fences, doors/windows and technical installations etc.

  • Explosives and Ballistics Protection
    Counter measurements to protect people and properties.  

  • Forced Entry Protection
    Securing people and properties by providing extra response time.

  • Project Management 

  • Construction Management